“Study revealed that the use of naturopathy approaches offers beneficial effects in the management of diabetes. Exercise; yoga, pranayama & walk control blood glucose, reduces risk of cardiovascular abnormalities, reduces weight thus improves symptoms of diabetes. Evidence suggests that dietary modification not only controls diabetes but also improves overall health. The metabolic disturbance controlled by balanced diet help to reduce chronic pathogenesis of diabetes. Similarly good conduction of life management helps to control stress which has now become major triggering factor of diabetes. The therapy helps to control symptoms of diabetes such as; thirst, hunger, increased frequency of urination and fatigue. The insomnia, foot problems, numbness and tingling also reduced in patient after the naturopathy treatment. It is believed that therapy enhance circulatory process, detoxify body, balances metabolic activities, reduces weight and normalizes hormonal balances therefore offers beneficial effects in diabetes. Study also observed that the suggested dietary and daily regimen not only control diabetes but also improves overall physiological functioning of body thus restore healthy physical and mental status”


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